Who We Are

Toner Support, Ltd. is a company for remanufacturing and trade of imaging consumables. We manufacture compatible toner cartridges and present them on the market under the own brand BLACKBOARD . We distribute components for remanufacturing of toner cartridges, and spare parts for printers, copy machines and multifunctional engines (MFE). We have been establishing a very well structured network for collecting empties.

The company founders have brought it along from the start over 15 years ago up to the best remanufacturers’ short list, now in Bulgaria. From recharging of cartridges in the very beginning we have now gained the point of a well-known remanufacturer with a high-quality brand BLACKBOARD . of ourselves. We are proud of our team of selected experts and of very well equipped technological material basis. We hold a large warehouse stock list. The core for all these efforts towards ours is striving to meet all needs of our customers.

Our Vision

We invest in up-to-date technologies. We well know the market for remanufactured cartridges, so as those for recharging and recycling components, and for imaging machines and spare parts. Following fresh news, we stand on the pulse of the market dynamics. Our technical staff regularly passes training on new products. They are being systematically monitored their grades of qualification and particular skills. We keep complete technology documentation library, upgrading it on a regular basis. Our primary aim is to maintain the best quality/price ratio for our partners.

We are keen to limit down the application of components and consumables infringing brand, design patents and other copyrights. Being the first Bulgarian company – member of ETIRA (European Toner and Inject Remanufacturers Association) we add value to the efforts for restricting the aggressive invasion of low-quality clones across Europe. They deform the European market taking away local jobs for skilled technical staff. Patient-infringing newbuilts bring a heavy damage to the environment as being simply land-filled or incinerated only after 1st use with no end-of-life solutions.

We build up our business in an honest manner balancing our passion for success with due care for nature. We are not only interested in the forthcoming future and situational targets. We do remember our duty to our children and the next generations. That is why we are careful to keep minimising any negative impact to the environment. We hope we support other businesses in that mission.

The Team or How We Work

People are our major asset. This is our company’s fundamental principle. We know that motivated people work better. Personal results do matter here. We respect our experts and the whole staff altogether giving them free options for self-growing, and appreciating everyone’s contribution.

We keep up sustainable high quality through a complete process control algorithm. Every cartridge is subject to final control just before packaging and expedition. The company has set up an online-based system where any order is being recorded and traced from input alongside processing to output on a step-by-step basis, thus supporting the ‘in time approach’ management and inner communication.

Manufacturing and Technical Service Station

We have applied the &rquo;ONE STOP TONER” concept establishing a complex technical service and office centre on an area larger than 1,200 sqm. Our customers can find there in whatever product they need or get an expert consultation. Placing various processes – distribution, the manufacturing and the service station, the warehouse, all of them in a single building make us now capable to provide a highest quality complex support service. And, we can answer adequately to any circumstance.

What Do We Offer

Buy Back of OEM Empty Cartridges & Pre-Processing of Residual Toner
We buy back empty cartridges, however, only branded products by manufacturers of the printers or copy machines, or in the slang of professionals ‘OEM-empties’ (OEM – Original Engine Manufacturer). They may be either ‘virgin’ – used only once (we buy them back instantly), or ‘non-virgin’ – processed at least once, i.e. recharged or recycled (we buy them back only upon confirmation of their origin). We decompose empties carefully clean out and collect any residual toner stuck to inside parts and then, pre-process it before temporary storage. We regularly pass it on to an authorised organisation for further treatment.

Manufacturing and Distribution of Compatible Toner Cartridges
In 2010, Toner Support Ltd. registered a new own trademark BLACKBOARD. Our dealers now are provided with our compatible toner cartridges in branded packages designed to cover the storage and transportation safety standards. The BLACKBOARD   toner cartridges are with completely renewed inner mechanics. OEM- empties are only being applied into the compatible BLACKBOARD cartridges. We allow no compromise, whatever.

Recharging and Recycling of Toner Cartridges for Dealers Only
We work in a successful partnership with a substantial number of dealers of remanufactured and compatible toner cartridges. We strive to give them certainty in their collaboration with us, keeping a product actual high quality, a perfect technical maintenance, and the prompt customer service - fast and competent.

Import and Distribution of Components for Toner Cartridges and of Spare Parts for Repair of Printers and Copy Machines
We are an importer of product lines of highly graded manufacturers, such as Static Control Components Inc., AlphaChem Gmbh, TN Core Co., Ltd., Mikasa Sangyo Co., Ltd., Jadi Imaging Holdings Berhad, Kuroki Industrial Co., Ltd, and more. Our sustainable warehouse on-stock list of availabilities exceeds 3,000 items that we offer.

    Static Control Components Inc.              CET Group Co. Ltd                TN Core co. Ltd.                  Kuroki Industrial Co., Ltd.              Integral Gmbh

Certificates and Allowances

We hold the sustainable high standards of operation at Toner Support Ltd., through the introduced the ISO standards, as follows: ISO 9001:2007 Quality Management Standard and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Standard. In December 2010, we obtained an Allowance from RIEW (Regional Inspection of Environment and Waters) under Art.35 of the Waste Management Act to let us processing specific dangerous waste. We are committed to both the business and the society for keeping clearer environment through advanced technologies.