Buy Back of Empty Toner Cartridges

Every brand or model of empty toner cartridge we buy back could be found here on the site as soon, as you log in or even just click on ‘Home’. Each cartridge is presented with its image, the brand logo, and the current unit price.

What types of empty cartridge do we buy back?

1)     We buy back empties of confirmed origin (OEM*-cartridges), only i.e. original cartridges for all popular laser printer, copier, fax and MFE* brands on the local market, like Apple, Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lexmark, Okidata, Panasonic, Ricoh, Sharp, Samsung, and Xerox.

2)     We buy back only virgin empties. i.e., used only once and with no treatment at all, like refilling, recycling or any other.

* ОЕМ – буквално: „Original Equipment Manufacturer”
A professional slang term, meaning “a product of confirmed origin, which is not a counterfeit”;

** MFE – Multifunctional Engine.

Very important, please be aware of! We DO NOT buy the following types of empties:

1)     Items of low quality for a single cycle of use; these are so-called, clones, attracting with their low prices, but infringing patents and threading the environment, as of the high qualities of industrial garbage they generate.

2)     Start-up cartridges – the ones OEMs apply to the brand new printers. Start-up cartridges differ from the standard ones being very often of a different structure and shrunk capacity of less number of copies.

The unit prices on the site are for the range 1—20 cartridges. A larger quality could be negotiable. The prices on the site are net with no VAT, no transportation or any other costs or taxes.

You should select the payment method. We could pay you cash in our office, via a bank transfer or a post transfer if your place is out of Sofia and you need to get your money cash.

A special expert of ours is in charge of the empties buy back. He is to review every carried empty to verify its OEM origin, the ‘virgin’ state, and to confirm its compatibility. An empty check-up takes only a few minutes. A bit more time should be needed for larger qualities, however, if you want to be sure to not losing your time we should better arrange the deal in advance. Please call us, please.

Empties are being collected at the Toner Support depot in Sofia. Supplies are settled in different procedures depending on the place of the empties location.

Тransportation in the city of Sofia:

If you have one or more empty toner cartridges, please come up to our office from 9 am to 6 pm every working day. If you have collected more empties we could offer you our own transportation. Our transportation rule is the following: if the compatible empties are 50 or more, the carriage will be free of charge for you. Arriving at your store an expert of ours will take a first glance at the empties and will give you a primary assessment. Later, on the empties supply to the Toner Support depot, the expert in charge of the empties buy-back will take a detailed examination and confirm the number of compatibles. On check-up final, he will prepare a hand over & delivery protocol to be signed by both sides. Handing the Protocol to you, we confirm the purchase. If the number of compatible empties written in the Protocol is 50 or more, then we pay for the transport. Alternatively, you owe BGN5 for transportation costs, which amount we will subtract from the empties total price to be paid.

Transportation across the country:

If your place is beyond the city of Sofia and the total net price for your empties is less than BGN200, then the transportation will remain at your expense. If however, the total net price for your empties calculated under the current unit prices on our website, is over BGN200, we could reimburse your delivery costs. It is to be resolved, as follows: You should send us the empties through a courier with the explicit allowance for a ‘view at delivery’ (please ask your courier for that option). Our expert in charge of empties buy back will examine them to confirm the compatibility of each. If the total net price of the accepted empties does not exceed BGN200 the supply costs will remain at your expense. Alternatively, we will add them to the total price to be paid.

Our contacts are:

14A, Prof. Ivan Georgov Str.,
Voenna Rampa Industrial Zone,
1220 Sofia
Contact person: Petar Stoev
phone: +359 2 418 66 37
mob.: +359 894 48 77 85.

You may find further details on the site herein under ‘Questions & Answers’ and the ‘Terms of Use’. If you need a personal answer please email to