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What types of empty cartridges does Toner Support buy back?

Toner Support Ltd. buys back empty toner cartridges for all popular laser printer, copier, fax and MFE brands on the local market, like Apple, Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lexmark, Okidata, Panasonic, Ricoh, Sharp, Samsung, and Xerox.

Whom to contact to if I have empties?

You may find details about our empties buy back procedure here, under p. 14 of ‘Terms of Use’. The ‘Home’ button will take you to a detailed selection of empties with the brand, model, and buy back unit price, each. The answers herein will give you some explanation, too. If anyway, you need to ask us anything whatever you may contact us on +359 2 418 66 37.

Where to take my empties?

Your empties need to be carried to the Toner Support head depot, located on the following address:

14A, Prof. Ivan Georgov Str.,
Voenna Rampa Qtr.,
1220 Sofia
Contact person: Petar Stoev
phone: +359 2 418 66 37
mob.: +359 894 48 77 85.

Is Toner Support capable of carrying my empties and if yes, under what conditions?

Yes, Toner Support could carry your empties. The transportation procedure for the city of Sofia slightly differs from the one across the country. Both are very precisely described here, under p. 12 of the ‘Terms of Use’. Please have a look on there where we hope you will find any detail you might be interested in.

What if my empties were damaged through transportation?

If the trouble was caused by the Courier, the issue should be addressed accordingly and covered by the Insurer. If an improper packaging is a reason for the trouble Toner Support might not pay for the damaged empty.

My empties are at the Toner Support depot. What happens next?

Empties are subject to a compatibility examination on their arrival at the Toner Support depot. An empty check-up takes only a few minutes. You will be paid the price for every empty toner cartridge confirmed its compatibility, right on the examination end up. Of course, some larger qualities should take a bit more time to be checked up, but we arrange the process so to be as fast, as possible.




What is the difference between ‘virgin’ and ‘non-virgin’ empties?

Virgin are called empties by the OEM (Original Engine Manufacturer) of your device - printer, copier, or MFP, upon their very first and only cycle of usage. Virgins shall not be either refilled or recycled, ever.

Non-virgin is an empty that have been used for more than just one cycle, i.e. have been refilled, remanufactured, or recycled.

What does ‘start-up cartridge’ mean?

Start-up is the cartridge which the OEM has applied in your brand new printer. Start-up cartridges differ from the standard ones and are very often of a fewer number of copies capacity. Toner Support does not buy back start-up empties. However, we may assist you to get rid of them properly.

When should I be paid for my empties?

The price for empties is paid on the end of their examination. You may get your amount either cash or through a bank transfer whatever you prefer. Cash payment is done at the office of Toner Support located on the same address, as the empties depot.

How is an empty price defined?

Each empty unit price is displayed here. If you are aware of the brand and the model of your empty, you can easily find its unit price under the ‘Home’ section. Prices fluctuate depending on the market status quo. So, if you have revised them some time ago you should glance at them again before send us new empties.

Does the number of empties matter? What if I have one or two empties? What, If have 43? Or, if they are 103?

The unit prices shown here on the site are for up to around 20 cartridges. For larger qualities and some rare models the price may be negotiated. We are continuously open to discussing on your offers.

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